Contributed to works by video/multimedia artists:

Philippe Parreno
2021 / No More Reality (Luma Arles) Film exhibition. Cello and composition. Sound design by Nicola Becker.

2016 / Anywhen (Hyundai commission/Tate Modern) Turbine Hall. Midi-composition triggering the movement of lights, speaker and screens within the installation. Sound design by Nicola Becker.

2016 / Li Yan (Gladstone 64 Gallery, New York) Short film. Cello performance and composition. Sound design by Nicola Becker.

Soundwalk Collective / Patti Smith
2021 / CRY OF THE LOST  (Theatre Royal, COP26 Glasgow).
Composition by Soundwalk Collective, using underwater recordings from the archives at TBA21–Academy by Jana Winderen and Scripps Institute for Oceanography. Cello written and performed by Lucy Railton, narration and words by Patti Smith. 

Derek Jarman
2021 / Blue (Bourse de Commerce, Pinault Collection) Simon Fisher Turner’s relisation of the Blue (1993), Deep Blue with live performance from Klara Lewis, Lucy Railton, Steve Nieve, Lili Kim, Black Sifichi and Simon Fisher Turner.   

Hala Wardé
2021 / A Roof For Silence (Lebanese Pavilion at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia) Composition by Soundwalk Collective, Lucy Railton, Daisuke Tadokoro and Nicolas Becker.

Emma Critchley
2021 / Witness, a film by Emma Critchley (Anthropocene Campus, Venice, Virtual Pavilion at the 17th International Exhibition of Architecture at La Biennale di Venezia) Music and sound by Nicolas Becker, cello performance and composition by Lucy Railton.

Pedro Maia
2021 / Janela do Inferno, live 35’ film. Collaborative work commissioned by Walk&Talk Festival (Azores) in co-production with Gnration (Braga) and Teatro do Bairro Alto (Lisbon). 

Rebecca Salvadori
2014 / ‘Image Black’ collaborative piece, PifPaf, Brno, curated by Mark Fell. 

Hannah Perry
2014 / Horoscopes, Déjà Vu (Park Nights, Serpentine Gallery, London) Music by Mica Levi, peformed with collaborators Mica Levi, Lucy Railton, Raven Bush and Giles King-Ashong. Choreography by Holly Blakey.

Marina Rosenfeld
2009 / Snape Maltings, Faster than Light. Performer in Rosenfeld’s ‘Canons’.


Tibo Gebert 
2022 / Hero, cello performance for soundtrack composed by Jasmine Guffond. 

Gisèle Vienne
2020 / L’Étang, cello performance for soundtrack: Mother in Dreams (at Frau Kocher’s)”, composed by Stephen F. O’Malley.

Cally Spooner
2017 / OFFSHORE, Against the Performative (Museum M, Leuven and La Fundición, Bulegoa z/b, Bilbao) Live performer
2017 / United in Stomach Flu, London Weeps (Serpentine Gallery, London) Live performer

Akram Khan
2010-2014 / Gnosis (Khan Chaudhry Productions, internationally toured) Cellist on stage with dancer/choreographer Akram Khan,  Yoshie Sunahata and Fang-Yi Sheu and musicians Koushik Aithal, Soumik Datta, B. C. Manjunath, Kartik Raghunathan, Lucy Railton, Sanju Sahai, Bernhard Schimpelsberger.

Selected Projects / Preformances

Morton Feldman Patterns in a Chromatic Field, with pianist Joe Houston.
Various dates. 

Maryanne Amacher GLIAperformer with Ensemble Contrechamps and members of Zwischentöne, directed by Bill Dietz. Various dates since 2019. 

Pedro Maia Janela do Inferno, live 35’ film. Collaborative work, Gnration (Braga) and Teatro do Bairro Alto (Lisbon).

Kali Malone presents Does Spring Hide Its Joy ft Lucy Railton and Stephen O’Malley. Various dates since 2021. 

Subaerial with Kit Downes (church organ). Various dates including St Johns Smiths Square, London and St. Peters Kyrka, Stockholm. 

Duo with Farida Amadou, BRDCST Festival, Anceinne Beliguique, Brussels 

Laments duo with Khyam Allami (Oud/composition) STUK, Leuven.

Additive Arrow by and with Catherine Lamb (comp/viola), First Snow series, WABE, Berlin, curated by Marja Anti. 





Henning Christiansen
New Simplicity and Other Chamber Works (Freedom is Around the Corner curated by Blankforms Gallery, New York). Pieces selected and performed by Lucy Railton and James Rushford.

Pauline Oliveros
2012 / To Valerie Solanas and Marilyn Monroe in Recognition of Their Desperation (Her Noise: Feminisms and the Sonic) With musicians Claudia Molitor, Rachel Aggs, Viv Corringham, Angharrad Davies, Sharon Gal, Naomi Graham, Holly Ingleton, Caroline Kraabel, Cathy Lane, Lina Lapelyte, Sarha Moore, Maggie Nicols, Greta Pistaceci, Lucy Railton, Verity Susman.  

Alison Knowles / Larry Miller
2008 / The Long Weekend (Fluxus Olympiad, Tate Modern, London) Performances including Alison Knowles’ Make a Salad, Yoko Ono’s Sky Piece for Jesus Christ and Yasanao Tone’s Anagram for Strings.
2007 / Homage to Nam June Paik (James Cohan Gallery, New York) The Variations on a Theme by Saint-Saens based upon performances by Charlotte Moorman, 1933-1991.  Performance with Jessica Chen and Larry Miller.