Tricko (tareco)
Tricko (Tareco)

Diving into the space between the organised and the disorganised, Tricko draws inspiration from the lyricism and big-beat of our favorite minimalist composers, the ballads from nearby ice-cream vans and a light-footed approach to improvisation. Kit Downes (piano, organ and compositions) is joined by Lucy Railton (cello), forming a pairing that is alive and carefree but is always patient and sensitive - all the rest of Tricko is Alex Killpartrick (the Third Man), who is behind the dreamy and warped electro-acoustic magic that shadows and follows. Literally meaning 'Tricko - an old piece of junk', Tricko Tareco enjoys simple things put in weird ways.

Released on vinyl for the label Impossible Ark Records shared with the Impermanence Trio - Matthew Bourne, Riaan Vosloo and Tim Giles.